Cold-Pressed Juice—Why Is It Better Than Other Juices?

In your quest to live a cleaner and healthier life, you have no doubt stumbled upon cold-pressed juice. You wonder if it has enough benefits to balance its higher economic toll on your wallet. You may have heard that cold-pressed juice is better than other juices, but why is that? Is it better than even a smoothie?

More Nutrients

Basic knowledge of juicing is helpful in understanding the benefits of cold-pressed juices over similar beverages.

Cold-Press Extraction Versus Centrifuging

Manufacturers use a large centrifuge for most bottled juices. As the fruit spins at high speed, the blades generate heat irtdaily. Some nutrients may survive the first process. However, they are then pasteurized. The heat from pasteurization kills harmful and beneficial bacteria and destroys digestive enzymes. It also degrades vitamin C and folate, as well as other nutrients.

While trace minerals are heat-resistant, manufacturers often add vitamins to replace those that become denatured. Synthetic supplements are less bioavailable to your body than vitamins you acquire from whole foods. Cold-pressing extracts juices from fruits or vegetables with a hydraulic press. The heat that is generated with a press machine is minimal despite the hundreds of pounds of pressure. Cold-press juice preserves heat-sensitive vitamins artdailynewsonline, enzymes, and gut-friendly bacteria.

Cold-Pressed Juice vs. Smoothies

A smoothie is a competitive health alternative to cold-pressed juices. Homemade smoothies rival cold-pressed juices in their taste and nutritional components. You can easily produce a vegetable or fruit smoothie by making a puree in a blender. The advantage smoothies have over other juices is their preservation of fiber. Fiber and pulp allow for the steady and more even absorption of sugars and nutrients. This allows you to feel fuller for a longer time without sugar spikes.

Drinking a smoothie is the closest you can get to eating a piece of fruit or a plate of veggies. However newmags, there are a few occasions where cold-pressed juices are better than smoothies. Cold-pressed juice provides a lot more nutrition in a small volume than a smoothie. Absorption of nutrients occurs more rapidly and efficiently in a glass of the former. Cold-extracted juice is also better for people who are ill or have a difficult time digesting high-fiber food. Finally, cold-extracted juice is more effective than a smoothie in a cleanse where you want high digestibility and nutrient availability.

Purer Flavors

Not only does heat processing destroy nutrients, but it also degrades the flavors in food. To make up for the loss of sweetness and other tastes in pasteurized juices, manufacturers have few options other than to add sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other taste enhancers. Additives make bottled juices inherently less healthy than cold-pressed juices. Moreover, artificial flavors do not make up for the burst of natural tastiness in unaltered juices.

Although commercial outfits that bottle cold-pressed drinks may add sugars, they do not need to use as much as other juices to get the same results. Cold-extracted juice also has an advantage in the taste department over a smoothie because of the latter’s potentially bulky texture and the presence of ice crystals businesslognews. Finally, store-bought smoothies have the same challenges as bottled juice and have many nutrients and flavors restored by artificial means after destructive heat processing.


One advantage of cold-pressed juice over other juices is the fact that you can utilize it in a detoxifying program such as a 5 day juice cleanse. Cleanses involve consuming nothing but water and your detoxifying product of choice for a prescribed period. A cleanse boosts your body’s natural process of removing toxins through the kidney, liver, skin, and white blood cells. One of the crucial parts of a cleanse is to provide extra nutrients that require minimal digestion so your body can rest.

Cold-pressed juices are ideal for cleanses because they are high in nutritional value without pulp or fiber. Ideally, the cold-pressed juice will not have any added sugars or other potential oxidants. The achievable goals of a juice cleanse are rejuvenation, improved digestion, restoration of some tissues, diminished free radicals, and elimination of many toxins.


Cold-pressed juices are better than traditional juices or smoothies because of their increased nutritional bioavailability, higher digestibility, more vibrant flavors, and greater suitability in cleanses. They prove beneficial if you need to cut down your sugar intake or cannot ingest a lot of fiber.

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