Expert Asbestos Removal Can Save Lives

Asbestos is a known health concern for anyone who is around it without safety equipment. Once fibers have become disturbed and are air borne, they are breathed in and can become embedded within the linings of the lungs and the respiratory system. This leads to many diseases and can become life threatening. As a popular building material for several decades many buildings contain asbestos unknown to the owners, and it is important to have it removed.

Having an expert remove asbestos from your home or business is more than a renovation and can save lives of those who use that building. This is extremely important if there is any asbestos located within the building before any renovation can continue, as the fibers will become disturbed and get into the air where they are breathed in.

Once asbestos fibers have been breathed in, they become lodged in the lining of the lungs, and other areas on the respiratory system. As such small particles they are unnoticeable to the eye, and can not be seen, and offer no smell, making them almost impossible to detect. While there are some treatments available to help slow the progression, and treatments for lung cancer should it develop, there is no cure for the health concerns that arise. The damage to the lungs and other tissue are not reversible and will remain permanently. This will shorten the life span of many, and thousands of deaths have been recorded due to asbestos. Removal by professionals is the best way to reduce this risk.

Professionals in asbestos removal will use all safety precautions and wear protective gear. Masks and respiratory protection is worn at all times, the space is sealed with a reverse vacuum to prevent particles from spreading, and all clothing is covered. The materials are disposed of in sealed bags and removed from the property to protect anyone who lives or works in that space. To remove asbestos Melbourne now requires qualified professionals such as those at Bison Asbestos to safely remove the material.

Cancer, Asbestos, Lung Problems

Illnesses and diseases that have been linked to asbestos include chronic lung disease, lung cancer, mesothelioma, pleural disease, and asbestosis. Once the damage has been caused to the tissue within or surrounding the lungs, the abdomen, or has gotten into the lungs the damage is irreversible and may continue to worsen years after the exposure has ended. Effects of breathing asbestos include being short of breath, coughing, chest pain and a tight feeling in the chest, lungs developing crackling sounds during inhale, and clubbing of the fingers and the toes. Any of these should be addressed by a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Prevention of exposure to asbestos is the best method of avoiding related health concerns, and the best way to avoid exposure is to ensure that your home or business is inspected for asbestos before any renovations or remodeling begin. Hire professional removers that are fully trained in the safe removal of all asbestos containing materials.

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