Fat Burners – Are They Worth It?

The urge to shed those unwanted kilos has led people to look for a magic pill that can transform them overnight. However, there is no proper substitute to lose all that weight without a diet and exercise. 

Weight loss cannot be achieved overnight with any magical pill. Although, it can be boosted with the help of fat-burning supplements. Now that you can buy fat burners online, you can use them regularly to see the results. 

But before you buy into this trend, read on to know if fat burners are worth it. 

What are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are more of an enhancer or dietary supplement. It boosts your energy and increases the speed of resting metabolism. Furthermore, it encourages your body to utilize its fat reserves as energy during exercising. 

What are the Ingredients in Fat Burners?

From herbal ingredients to artificial compounds, fat burners are made of a combination of these. Before you buy fat burners online, go through the list of ingredients and keep an eye out for the following.


This ingredient helps burn calories by stimulating the nervous system. Fat burners tend to contain higher quantities of caffeine than tea or coffee. Excess caffeine consumption can cause jitters and a fatally high heart rate.


Commonly found in some meats and dairy products, carnitine helps with metabolism. Interestingly, carnitine is also made naturally in your kidneys and liver. Excess carnitine can result in nausea and diarrhea.

Soluble Fiber

A very common ingredient in fat burners, soluble fiber helps control appetite. Furthermore, it also helps prevent the absorption of some fat from the food consumed. Glucomannan and beta-glucans are common soluble fibers in fat burner supplements. 


Ephedrine is one of the main ingredients in fat burner supplements, and it speeds up the metabolism. It does so by fueling the release of adrenaline. With the help of adrenaline, the liver releases glucose, and fatty acids are released from the body’s fat reserves. As per research, ephedrine, and caffeine, when combined, stimulate weight loss. 


This latest ingredient of fat burners helps improve muscle mass and decrease the fat percentage of the body.

Do Fat Burners Work?

While fat burner supplements are an answer to losing weight, they are not sufficient by themselves. As per research, diet and exercise, along with fat burners, are an effective weight loss combination.

 When browsing for fat burners online, it is often marketed as a natural product. Maximum ingredients of fat burners are natural, for instance, caffeine. These ingredients drive up the rate of metabolism. 

However, it is vital to pair supplements with some extra effort from your end. If you happen to be on the overweight side, these supplements will help you burn calories faster when you work out. To enhance their effect, fat burners also reduce appetite while boosting energy. 

You are mistaken if you believe fat burners in isolation are the solution to weight loss. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet is essential. 

Fat burners are most effective when paired with:

  • Exercises such as cardio which includes running, jogging, jumping jacks, or high-intensity exercises
  • Consuming at least 15% fewer calories than what you usually do. 
  • Remaining well hydrated 

Wrapping Up

Over 67% of Australian adults are obese. Such alarming statistics explain why people are gradually relying on supplements to lose weight.

Before you purchase fat burners online, take some time to research the ingredients. Find the right one for you today! 

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