Guide to washing laundry in cold water with a natural laundry detergent

When you are doing laundry, you may think that washing clothes in warm water and at a high temperature are the only ways to fight bacteria and tough stains from your clothes. Let me tell you, that’s not true! Washing your clothes in warm water does not guarantee great cleaning as it can damage your clothes and fade their pretty vibrant color. Therefore, washing clothes in cold water with the right amount of detergent saves the day. Hence, it is always beneficial to use a natural laundry detergent that is chemical-free and never damages your delicate clothes. Before we tell you the right way to wash your laundry with cold water, here is a guide that tells you why washing the fabric in cold water matters.

What is a natural laundry detergent?

Well, to those who do not know, natural laundry detergents are super innovative and chemical-free. These detergents do not contain any chemicals which can damage your clothes. These detergents are organic and are made from plant-based ingredients which are environmentally friendly. When you switch towards a natural laundry detergent, all of your worries of fabric quality and color fading will be gone forever.

A lot of people do not know the downside of washing clothes in hot or warm water. Well, it’s nothing hard. Washing clothes in warm water is often discouraged as it causes the fabric color to fade which means that your clothes will not look fresh at all. Moreover, warm and hot water damages the fabric quality of your clothes and causes the fabric to shrink inside the laundry or washing machine. So, whenever you wash your favorite shirt and think why the color is fading, one of the reasons would be that you might be washing your clothes in warm or hot water. Hence, by using a natural laundry detergent, it is always considered and suggested to wash your clothes with cold water which allows your washing machine to use less energy and helps you save some bucks on electricity bills. Plus, with a natural laundry detergent, washing clothes with cold water also helps you to sustain the quality of the fabric for a longer time.

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What laundry detergent works best in cold water?

If you want to wash your delicate clothes in a washing machine, it is recommended that you use cold water which helps to sustain the quality of your fabric. This works best if you are using a natural laundry detergent. You must be wondering, which natural laundry detergent works best for your laundry. Well, worry not because Lumehra’s natural laundry detergent is here to save your laundry routine. Yes, you’ve got that right. Lumehra’s natural laundry detergent is a detergent that is toxic-free and free of hazardous chemicals such as phosphates and sulfates which contaminate the water and ruin marine life once the wastewater is drained into rivers and oceans. Moreover, Lumehra’s natural laundry detergents are safe for your skin and your baby skin. That means if you ever worry that your laundry routine is causing you skin irritation that bothers you, Lumehra’s natural laundry detergent will never affect your skin negatively as it is made of organic materials. Lumehra’s natural laundry detergent works perfectly if you want to wash your clothes with cold water. All you have to do is take a scoop full of Lumehra’s laundry detergent and let the washing machine do its job. Lumehra’s natural laundry detergent comes in two amazing variants which gives you a floral and refreshing treat. Yes, that’s great news. The fresh essence of lavender flowers and tea tree oil laundry detergent makes your clothes smell fresh and look stainfree clean.

How do you kill germs in cold water laundry?

Well, if you worry about tough stains on your clothes such as bloodstains, chocolate, or oil, Worry not!

All of the tough stains will be washed off in cold water if you use Lumehra’s natural laundry detergent. However, if you want to kill the most harmful germs from your clothes which are on the fabric due to any activity, the best thing you can do is use white vinegar in the washing machine which acts as a disinfectant that helps to kill germs. You must be wondering if to use bleach instead but don’t. Bleach contains harsh chemicals which can damage your clothes heavily.

Is washing clothes in cold water better for the planet?

Absolutely yes! When you wash your clothes with cold water, you are saving at least 90% of the electricity utilized by the washing machine which is usually used to heat the water. That is why, when you wash your clothes with cold water, it reduces wastage of energy and helps you save some bucks which would have been wasted on heating water for the laundry. That is why washing clothes in cold water is effective and makes you and the planet happy! By using a natural laundry detergent, you move towards a sustainable practice of doing laundry which releases less carbon footprint and does not cause harm to the environment.

Now that you know the powerful qualities of natural laundry detergent and its impact on the environment, you have to use the guide and wash your clothes in cold water which is better for you and the environment. Washing clothes in cold water does not damage their fabric and also makes them look brand new. Now, you do not have to shop for dresses often as Lumehra’s natural laundry detergent is here to make your dirty clothes look fresh and brand new like never before. Don’t believe it? Well, give it a try and check out the results by yourself. You will never be dissatisfied by it.

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