Hiring an Experienced Owatonna Criminal Defense Attorney: Why It Matters

Sex crime charges can result in severe criminal penalties. Also, a conviction can ruin your reputation and relationships. Because of this, you need a dedicated Owatonna Criminal Defense Attorney to defend you and help you navigate through your case’s complexities. Whether you are charged with human trafficking, sexual assault, or child molestation, a defense attorney can help you build a strong defense. They will examine the available evidence and design an effective defense strategy on your behalf. But unless you are familiar with the legal world, finding the perfect attorney can be challenging.  Here are reasons you need an attorney when facing sex crime allegations:

Statutory Crimes

Sex crimes are defined based on the concept of consent. Rape does not exist when both parties involved consent to sexual activity. Therefore, cases usually concentrate on whether one party claims rape consented or not. But statute defines statutory rape. Thus, the circumstances of the incident and whether both parties consented to the act are not relevant. Consent or the use of violence and force is not established. All states define statutory rape based on the age of consent. In Minnesota, the age of consent is 16. Thus, those who engage in sexual activity with a person under 16 years old can be convicted of sexual conduct. If you are in this situation, a defense attorney can explain your rights and give you solid representation. 

Evidence Preservation

Before you can speak with a defense attorney, ensure you preserve any records you have obtained related to the sexual incident. These records may include videos, diaries, and communications that your attorney can use to prepare your defense. 

Any social media posts or emails associated with the charges you are facing must also be preserved. Otherwise, the prosecutor can charge with evidence tampering. Also, deleting such information may make you look guilty. Your defense lawyer will look into the evidence to determine its validity. Also, they will determine if the acquisition of such evidence is illegal. 

The track record of a criminal defense lawyer can indicate their competence in doing their job. Also, it will help you decide whether or not to hire them. You can use search engines to find publications, news stories, and online reviews related to a lawyer. Take your time finding out about a lawyer’s experience and success rate when they represented clients like you.  Also, you can get insights into an attorney’s conduct at the website of your local state bar association.

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