Looking at health, safety and hazards


If you’ll be working with materials that are flammable, toxic, give off fumes or are corrosive you should check on the website of the Health and Safety Executive where you’ll find detailed guidance and advice on all aspects of safety at work.

Considering insurance

Your home insurance policy won’t cover any business activity so you must inform your insurer what you plan to do from home. You can find out more about whether or not what you plan to do from home needs special insurance cover and where to find an insurance company on the Business Link website.

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Managing the mortgage

Unless you own fully the freehold your property some other party such as a mortgage lender, landlord or freeholder may need to give their permission for you to run a business from home. Even as a freeholder you could find that a covenant has been included into your title deeds to prevent you operating certain activities from your home.

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Realising business rates

You currently pay council tax on your home, but after you start using part of it or your grounds for business purposes you could be liable to pay business rates on the part of the property you use for work. You can see some examples of how business rating is applied to home-based businesses on the Valuation Office Agency website. Some types of small business, particularly those in rural areas providing products or services of particular benefit to the community, are exempt from paying business rates, or pay at a reduced rate. Your local council will have details of such schemes.

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