Safest Methods for Period Delay

When it comes to periods, there is never a good time for it, especially when it occurs at the most inconvenient time. For example, having a trip planned out or going on a camping trip can be disrupted by experiencing a period, affecting your experience. However, the good news is that there are clinically proven, safe and effective solutions for the period delay that are available on the market. Read the following Pharmica article to ensure that you are aware of the most effective and safe ways of delaying your period when it is needed the most.

How to Safely Delay your Period


This prescription-based treatment is used for period delay by supplementing progesterone hormone in a women’s body. This hormone is responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle as well as the levels of progesterone hormone. Therefore, taking Norethisterone period delay medication, which is part of women’s health treatments, tricks the body into thinking that is pregnant, allowing avoid shedding of the womb lining and therefore preventing the period from starting.

This medication is taken orally 3 times a day and can allow you to delay the period for up to 17 days. It is important to make sure that the treatment is taking 3 days before the start of the period to postpone it. It is important to know that this treatment, however, does not work as a contraceptive.

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The combined contraceptive pill

Taking contraceptive pills allows breaking the menstruation cycle each month if taking daily. However, it is important to ensure that the pill includes the necessary hormones (hence the combined pill) because taking progesterone-only treatments will not stop the period from occurring.

How safe is it to delay periods?

Norethirestorne is a clinically proven and safe period delay treatment that can be used for up to 17 days under certain conditions like having:

  • Liver Problems
  • Blood Clots or Thrombosis Risks
  • Higher risk of heart issues
  • Higher riks of breast or genital cancer

It is important to ensure that if you use this treatment to delay your period for 17 days, you do not repeat the treatment for another 6 months

What are the side effects of these treatments?

Treatments like can have very unlikely side effects like:

  • Breast pains or tenderness
  • Nausea and upset stomach
  • Headaches
  • Changes in sex driveVisit The Site: bolly4u

Alternatively, you can use emergency contraception (morning after pill) like Levonelle or ellaOne could alter the timing of your period, starting it earlier or later than usual, depending on the timing of the cycle which could fulfil the period delay purposes in case it is needed

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