The most effective season in Francesco Totti’s career

All fans know Francesco Totti very well as he’s the main star and legend of Roma, a man who devoted his entire career to one team. By the way, you can find livescore today result football with the participation of this club on the sports statistics website.

Totti started his career as an attacking midfielder, but gradually began to play as a forward. Especially after 30, he played in offense and demonstrated high class until the very end of his career. For him, the most effective season was the 2006/07 one. In that campaign, Francesco hit the opponents’ goal 26 times. Neither before nor later has he approached such a number

The leader’s successful games helped Roma finish in the Champions League zone, which can be considered a decent achievement for this team. You can follow its current today result in the livescore form, without missing anything important from the football world if you open the sports statistics website. Roma’s game calendar is extremely tense, but now no news will go unnoticed.

As for the 2006/07 season, at that time Totti really managed to demonstrate the best of his capabilities. Indeed, he scored a few goals from the penalty spot, but this fact didn’t detract from the player’s overall achievements. Obviously, Roma would not have made it into the top 4 without his goals.

Totti’s strong points as a player

Having changed his position on the field and started playing a “dedicated” striker, Francesco didn’t go down at all. Moreover, the title of the best Serie A scorer in the 2006/07 season is another proof of how good he was. By the way, on score777 live you can follow his team’s success, for which the end of Totti’s career, even being 40, turned out to be a serious disaster. Among this football player’s strong points, which enabled him to become the top scorer that season, the following should be mentioned:

  1. Excellent interaction with the partners. De Rossi, Mancini, Taddei – Roma was a really interesting team that season. Moreover, everyone understood Totti’s leadership status perfectly well, so they recognized him as the team’s main forward.
  2. Technical skills. Totti has always been able to free himself from the opponents thanks to his feints, enter the hit zone and strike a precise goal.
  3. Football intelligence. The player often turned out to be simply faster and smarter than his opponents, choosing non-standard solutions. This helped him to hit the opponents’ goal over and over again.

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It should be mentioned that that season was the most outstanding for Totti; however, in the fans’ hearts he has always been and still is the true symbol of the Wolves.

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