Two major types of rehab treatments offered by rehabilitation centers.

Drug rehabilitation centers are there to help individuals that are suffering from substance abuse to recover once and for all so that they can get the quality of life back that they used to experience ever since the drug addiction and alcohol addiction took place. There are many times that the drug addict might relapse, especially if the drug addict has tried to go through the process of self-detoxification. Self-detox is something that can worsen the symptoms of drug addiction, it can make the next relapse even worse than the previous one.

Therefore, drug rehab centers make sure that the patient does not do self-detox. And another thing that drug rehab centers offer is that no matter how many times the drug addict relapses, the center is aware that drug addiction is hard to solve which is why many drug rehab centers tell the patients beforehand that they will experience quite a lot of problems during the recovery process. The rehab specialists help make the patient understand that they might relapse many times but they will also tell them that relapsing is normal during treatment, but the important thing is to learn from the relapse and not do the same things that lead you to relapsing again and again.

This is a slow process to determine what course of action should really be taken by the drug rehab specialist, they know that the patient will start to come around during their treatment program and that they will start to understand the situation they are in. But that only happens after a thorough checkup and when a through checkup is done, the patient is advised to either one of the two rehab treatments.

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The first rehab treatment that is usually recommended is the outpatient rehab treatment. This treatment asks the patient to visit the rehabilitation center 3-4 days a week. The days can increase if the patient’s drug addiction level is very high. The patient is then give numerous therapies to go to, they also have to talk to their counsellor daily who can help them understand about the drugs that they were consuming. The counselor will help them learn different techniques such as the 12 step program to help keep the mind of the drug addict away from triggers that can make them relapse. Other than this, other techniques are taught too such as staying away from situations and people, even objects that might remind them of drug addiction.

This treatment program costs very less, starting from 1,000 dollars per month. It is for people who have low to medium levels of drug addiction.

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The second rehab treatment that rehab centers have is the inpatient rehab treatment. Unlike the outpatient rehab where the patient has to visit the rehabilitation center a few times a week, in inpatient rehab, the patient has to live at the rehab facility for 3 months minimum. Inpatient rehab treatment is assigned to drug addicts that have an addiction level that is extremely high.

There are many things that inpatient rehab has, detox process is there in it, therapies are there, counselling is there as well as a medical staff that caters to every whim of the drug addict in hopes that they will start to recover. The price for this rehab program starts from 10,000 dollars, some might give it for 8,000 dollars per month but it really depends upon the rehab center.

These are the two major rehab treatment programs, and if you or someone you live with or are aware of is going through the addiction process, then you need to get either one of these rehab treatments. You can understand more about the programs if you look at this site.

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