The hourglass figure is trending. A lot of people want to amplify their buttocks. Sometimes no amount of squats or exercises can help you to get the shape that you want. It is a great idea to undergo Brazilian Butt Lift Miami. This procedure is a really popular cosmetic procedure which has been making all the buzz. To help you understand and make an informed decision, here is all that you need to know about it.

What happens during the procedure?

During the procedure, you would be put under general anesthesia. Before the surgery, the surgeon would have planned where the fat would be removed and where it would be placed. They will have some drawings in handy, which will guide the sculpting process. The incisions are made as discrete as possible so that they can easily be hidden in the crease. They are usually placed low on the small of the back or the side of the hip. The incision might seem small, but it is big enough to insert a long and thin cannula. This helps to remove the fat.

This fat is then drawn up with the help of large syringes. The cells are then separated from the tumescent fluid and bodily secretions. This helps create pure and usable fat injected into the butt to give it volume.

Why should you undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt lift uses the living and healthy fat from the areas that you don’t want it and injects it into the buttocks to make them curvier. The procedure uses one’s body fat to make the buttocks rounder. Hence, the procedure has very few side effects as the body fat is not rejected by the body when injected back into it.

Book your Consultation

Whenever you plan to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, you must opt for a skillful, experienced, and knowledgeable surgeon. They should have an artistic touch and an eye for naturally shaping the body to make it more beautiful. This eye for detail will help to enhance the results of the procedure. While you are in the consultation with the surgeon, make sure that you ask them all the questions you have in mind and discuss your expectations. You must do that to help you understand what the procedure can do for you. Whenever you are planning to undergo any time of cosmetic procedure, you must have realistic expectations. During the consultation, the surgeon will also take your complete health picture and determine whether you are the perfect candidate for the procedure or not.

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