Explore Tasmania By Air In A Heli

Booking An Air Tour And What To Plan For

Tasmania is an exceptionally gorgeous place to visit. There are so many sites to see and places to travel. What else could be as exciting and adventurous as exploring in a helicopter? That’s something you will always remember. Heli Adventures Tasmania is a Helicopter Operator Conducting helicopter charters and scenic helicopter flights and is based at Launceston Airport in Northern Tasmania. Heli Adventures Tasmania specializes in private and personalized tours from local helicopter scenic flights, helicopter winery tours, and helicopter golf tours, where you get the pleasure to see the world-famous Barnbougle Dunes Golf Links and Craggy Peaks. Here are some reasons why you should consider exploring in the air and some places you can see once in a lifetime.

Booking An Air Tour And What To Plan For

There are different types of tours that you can choose from that will give you different experiences. If you want a short adventurous air tour, The Hobart tour is about 20 minutes long and costs $225 per person, with a 2-person minimum. On this air tour, you will depart over the beautiful oyster-filled waters of Barilla Bay. You will be intrigued when you see the beautiful rivers and mountains. Imagine having the experience of viewing all of the local landmarks, such as the Government House, Tasman Bridge, and the mouth of the River Derwent, and seeing it flow towards the Southern Ocean. If you want a longer air tour, check out the Coast Or Island Scenic Flight. You will have 50 minutes up in the air. The price is a little more costly, with it being $699 per person, but the sights and experience are well worth it. Departing from Cambridge aerodrome, you will be flown over the beautiful city of Hobart and along the River Derwent to the D’Entrecasteaux channel. You will then fly over North Bruny Island towards the island’s isthmus and go onto South Bruny Island. Those are just a couple of options. There are more you can choose from to fit your desired Air Tour. You don’t want to be in the freezing cold air while you’re exploring what Tasmania has to offer. The best season to go for a helicopter ride in Tasmania has been recommended to be in the dry and warm period, which is December through February.

Maria Island

Maria Island is a very well-known, popular place where thousands of people go to the east coast town of Orford for the summer. The island has such a relaxing, calm, and peaceful atmosphere with gorgeous beaches. Maria Island has World Class Diving and views of the entire island. Exploring would be fun on foot, but to explore by Tasmanian Air Tours would be breathtaking to fly over the white sandy beaches and see the gorgeous blue water.

Wineglass Bay

You can hike from Wineglass Bay to Freycinet National Park, but the hike can be brutal. However, it is worth it in the end to see the beautiful crystal clear waters, towering cliffs, and the white sand beach. Even if you are able to hike all the way to the lookout, you won’t be able to fully see Wineglass Bay. Seeing this up in the air would be more of an enjoyable luxurious experience as you can have a drink, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Gordon River

The Gordon River is more of a mysterious place to go explore. The river winds through some of the most remote reaches of Tasmania. You aren’t able to access the Gordon River by foot or car. Go for an Air Tour and explore where nobody has had the chance to.

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